M2M – Where it is used?

M2M technology is being used worldwide in many fields essentially for communication between devices easily. The programmed devices and sensors installed in devices at various locations enable a communication between them eliminating any issues involved. The transfer of operational data has been happening since the last century. Widely known as telemetry, it was quite popular then. This idea is what brought n the next generation technological advancement via m2m connectivity. In between the telephone lines were used with cables and transformer as base. Then came the wireless technology which has completely turned everything around and there has been no looking back since then. M2M is now one of the indispensable technologies being used in every city for communication. There are quite a lot of services offered by the technology which helps in committing to different verticals like

* Robotics

* Warehouse management

* Medicine

* Traffic control

* Robotics

* Telemedicine

* Finance

* Hospitality