Polish or Oil? – Best Methods ToMaintain High Gloss LookInFurniture

If it is effortless shine that you are looking for then a quick, polish that is a ‘spray –on’, or an oil based one is your best bet, however this will not give the protection that your furniture needs. These are usually temporary shine for that cool look that works best when you are short of time and need an instant spruce up for your furniture.

A polish is designed not just to make your wood shine but mainly to seal the wood as it protects them from spills, surface abrasions, moisture, stains etc. Also do not treat your wood like it is alive that needs to breathe and thus needs to be fed with oil, so you should keep the pores open and it will look like high gloss furniture. It’s a piece of wood and definitely not alive. It’s just the opposite that is true; hence sealing the wood protects it from shrinking, warping, and swelling and keeps it going for long in its best shine.